Have you ever burned your fingers trying to grab a HOT dish out of the microwave?!!

Or did your food ever explode in the microwave and you left it AS IS for the next person to clean it up?

FEAR NO MORE, SAFE GRABS® will solve that problem and MUCH MUCH MORE! This simple ergonomically design is an easy grab and will change your kitchen experience forever. SAFE GRABS® has so many uses; Splatter Guard, Trivet, Placemat, Jar Opener, Pot Grabber, Food Cover, Utensil Rest, Funnel, Kids Plate, Sink Drain Cover, Turntable Protector, etc…It's definitely an amazing product that keeps on giving!


SAFE GRABS® is so easy to clean and stores in the microwave. More importantly it is BPA free and Food Grade Silicone certified that’s safe enough for your kids to eat right off SAFE GRABS®! It’s great for the Home, Office, Dorm, RV and Camping.


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$ 14.95

$ 14.95


LOVE these!

" These are the handi-dandiest things I have purchased in a long time. I first bought the red ones. Love them! Have found more than 8 uses, they are endless. I live in a small apartment that does not have room for a table, so I take these with my food plate to where I sit, whether it be at the computer, on the bed watching TV, or outside on my patio, they are great. I like them so much that I ordered two more sets in the green and the orange. I keep a set in my microwave, one set on the counter of my kitchen, and the other set in my bedroom. When my plate is hot, I can put my plate on my lap to keep from being burned. " -Spanki1

One of the handiest things in my kitchen!

" I use these as tops for cookware, jar openers, trivets, and spoon rests. They keep dishes from sliding in cake carriers and on lap trays, as they are very anti-slip. (Might work well as place mats on boats!)
In addition, they can be used as a cushion between two breakable pieces (not thick enough for shipping, but perfect for keeping a bowl from scratching a tray, or for keeping expensive stacked pieces from scratching each other in storage). " -TexasArwen

Made hubby happy

" My husband was always complaining that the regular pot holders didn't work in the microwave He's happy now!! " -Cleopuss

Oh my gosh this thing is great. So nice when I do a bowl of ...

"Oh my gosh this thing is great. So nice when I do a bowl of oatmeal and carry it to the table. I have decreased sensitivity in my fingers and actually have ended up with a blister from a hot bowl. No more of that going on." -huggy 5350

Great features

I have purchased a total of five of these great pads because friends keeping "stealing" them from my home! They love the features and wonder why they don't have one which of course they do end up with mine! -XXXAXAXA

Very happy with the product and thinking it would make a ...

This is a very handle gadget! I saw the developer on Steve Harvey then looked for this on Amazon. Very happy with the product and thinking it would make a good gift for my grown girls.