SHARK TANK OPEN CASTING HOUSTON 2015- Line was endless...second time trying out and didn't make it. Perseverance paid off on my third audition!!! Phew!

We were all given a wristband in groups to come back after a couple hours instead of waiting in the Houston heat! :)

CEO of QVC right after my airing, how's that for timing! 

My Rocky moment with Safe Grabs™!!  

STEVE HARVEY SHOW- Heather Thomson (Real Housewives of New York) and Amylia Antonetti, successful entrepreneurs, chose ME for the "best product to succeed"!  They suggested to change the name Micro Easy Grab to something a little easier. I listened and Safe Grabs™ was born!  

FOX Houston with Melissa and Jose

Ming Tsai

Trisha Yearwood

Aaron Sanchez

Lorena Garcia