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Love these!

I was staying with a friend who had these in her microwave and used them. As soon as I got home, I ordered some for myself and I love them. They are more convenient than pot holders and can be used as covers on dishes as well as under them. I ordered some as Christmas gifts for my family too.

Love them!

The Safe Grabs are exactly what I needed to take hot bowls out of the microwave and cover up heating things that will splatter. Very glad I bought them!

These are great!

These are as good as I'd hoped they'd be. I already use bowl cozies but these are perfect for a dinner plate and work beautifully as trivets/hot pads.

Good product

Love it! Bought 2 more sets for Xmas gifts

It was said that they delivered it but I never got so I can’t give it a review

Welcome addition to my kitchen!

SafeGrabd is much safer than clumsy oven mitts

These are the best things on the market! They work! So easy to get hot bowls out of the microwave now! I just leave it inside my microwave when reheating and I use the smaller one to put on the top!

Love them.

They are perfect. Is it to heat up and use it as a placemat to protect the table from the heat?


I purchased my #safegrabs within the last 6 months. I absolutely love them! I keep the large one in the microwave to lift out the bowl or dish I’m heating up. So easy and amazing that it never gets hot! I love them so much that I bought a set for each of my children to have at their homes. Best product ever!

Great product

The Safe Grab mats are now a permanent fixture in my microwave. We eat soup quite frequently. I’m always burning my fingers on the hot bowl or getting soup all over my oven mitts. Now I just fold up the Safe Grab around the bowl. No more burns and spilled soup gets rinsed right off. I also use the mats as trivets for hot serving platters and to protect my nonstick pans which are stacked in my drawer.

Outstanding Product

Safe Grab is a product I never knew I needed so much! My husband and I are both Senior Citizens. We use the microwave to heat and eat many things. I’ve always struggled to remove a hot dish with pot holders or oven mitts. When I saw this advertised on Instagram (I believe), I knew it would be something we could use!! We use ours every day. We also use the smaller safe grab as a jar opener which I love! Thank you for inventing this amazing products!!

Love this product!

These keep me from burning my fingers while taking a hot bowl of soup or mac-n-cheese out of the microwave! No more goop on my hot pads while picking up a hot dish after cooking. It also catches spillage from overflow during microwave cooking, and is SO easy to clean! Just run warm water over it in the sink. No more washing the clunky glass plate and trying to figure out how to get it back in microwave at the right angle! Love the two sizes, too!


I used to use a paper plate or small plate under my soup mug for spillage. Now I use a small Safe Grab. I also have a small mat in my microwave for things that boil over. The large Safe Grab is used under my slow cooker pot because of how hot my counter gets.

Grab a gift!

Thanks! I love them! So do my friends! They make wonderful gifts!

Good idea

I keep the large one on the microwave turntable and use the smaller one for a hot pad or to cover a pan. Ordered additional sets as holiday gifts.

How can I rate something that I have not received?

Color not actual

Order some sage grab mats and when it finally arrived the color was not correct. I ordered the beige color and it came looking peachy. I’m still trying to get it either returned or exchanged after several weeks of email correspondence. Don’t buy, can’t return or exchange without a fight.


I received the safe grabs 5 days ago. I love them. No longer looking for pot holders to take out hot steamy vegetables from microwave. It’s fantastic.


I saw these on Shark Tank and ordered a set for myself. They are GREAT!! No more slippery pot holders for getting hot items out of the microwave. No more burning fingers. I bought a set for every household on my Christmas list.

Live the Safe Grabs!

I have needed these for so long. I love them. All my dishes too hot after microwaving. So simple to use!


Love these no more burnt fingers, no spilling of hot liquids. Have had these now for a year, and don't want to be without them. Bought some for my sister after she was at our house and used them


This is a great invention!!!! It not only keeps your hands from getting burned, it keeps the microwave clean!!!! Why did it take so long for someone to come up with this simple, practical kitchen must have?!?! It’s a great Christmas gift too!!!! Family, friends, grab bag at work. I love mine and highly recommended them.


The item itself is just fine but customer service is absolutely terrible!