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Silicone Microwave & Kitchen Mats | As Seen on Shark Tank 2-Pack

Very handy

Easy too grab, just wipe to clean

Safe Grabs

I ordered 4 sets of Safe Grabs and received 2 sets on March 30th, 2022. I bought them for me and my daughters and daughter in law. They look really great in beige and work like a charm! Who do I contact to find my 2 other sets of beige Safe Grabs. I had hoped to get the remaining two packages by Easter so I can give as gifts. Easter is April 17th, 2022. Do you think that would be possible? If you need any additional information, please contact me by email. Thanks again for such a great product!!

Liked the mats. Didn't like the free oven mitts. They are a little too big but the main issue is that they're not thick enough to keep from burning your hands from the hot oven container.

Works Great!

I don't know why I haven't found these before! They are perfect for removing hot dishes from the microwave and as a trivet. One easy step. Love that they clean up so easily too!

Safe Grabs

I ordered 4 sets of Safe Grabs for gifts and for myself. They are great. Highly recommend them.

Love to microwave

I make just about everything in the microwave and the safegrab is wonderful I was always burning my fingers taking stuff out, but now I just grab the whole mat set it on the counter and safely remove the food from there. I don’t know what I did before them. Well worth the price.

I had resisted getting these because I wondered if it was worth the price when I could manage with dish towels. I love them. I leave the large one in my microwave, and it is very convenient.

Great Products!

I love the Safe Grabs because they are very useful, multipurpose and true to what they advertise. Everyone should have them in their homes.

So far so good

I haven't had the product long, but so far I love them. They are as advertised. Something with gravy overflowed its container a bit in the microwave, I was able to just rinse it off the silicone mat. It was awesome. I hope it keeps performing as it is now.

A necessary kitchen tool

I bought several to give to my daughters too. Everyone loves them!

Love these!

I keep these in the microwave so they’re always there to use. They are wonderful! Grips anything and keeps me from burning my hands or locating a hot pad.

Very satisfied

I hesitated at first when I saw these advertised, but I was pleasantly surprised. I love the multiple uses. It’s a cover when microwaving food, a holder that can easily be picked up around the hot food; no need to hunt for potholders or taking a chance on burning your fingers. It’s also a hot pad for counter or table.

Safety first

I keep our set of 2 in our microwave. Easy to clean in case of spills. With my small hands, bulky pot holders and mitts make accidents with hot food dangerous. Love these easy to handle, secure mats. Have purchased sets for friends.

Very valuable

Attractive kitchen aids

Safe grabs

Haven't used them yet. Kitche being remodled and thought these will be excellent for my new draw microwave

Awesome product!

Love the many ways you can use these!

Quality Product

These Safe Grabs do all that's advertised, looking forward to finding even more uses.


I’m enjoying the multi uses, easy cleaning and safe handling of hot foods

Mats and grabs

I purchased mats over a year ago and liked them so much, I recently ordered two more sets! Tried the grabs this time as well, and they're great too! Getting some for my mom now

Touch safe!!

I love these Safe Grabs and actually ordered a second set for my daughter!! I might get a set for my 98 year old father, who does the cooking for my handicapped brother!! Thank you for making a great product!!

Safe grab

I am very happy with my safe grab order. Works great in microwave and the mitts ar great for hot oven.


The sizes are perfect. I got the bigger one to sit on the counter underneath my Instant Pot to protect it from the heat. The smaller one fits perfectly in the microwave to lift hot dishes out. Love it!

I ordered from the inventors website instead of going thru amazon. I believe in supporting the inventors. This is the second time I've ordered this product.
First time delivery was amazing fast. However this time I was disappointed in the deliver time. Took way too long to recieve merchandise.


They are nice and work just fine