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Awesome mats

No more hand towels to grab hot bowls out of the microwave. These mats are awesome.

Love how they ready on the hands of the oven

Perfect little grab to save your fingers.
And they are always close by…

No more hot hands

The best in grabbing hot foods from the microwave.

Perfect Microwave Aid!

I bought the Safe Grabs after seeing online.

I’ve been really happy with my purchase. I leave them in my microwave. The small one is good for covering bowls while I reheat. Not good for a plate of food as it gets dirty and that’s a pain to me.

I did notice the first time using that the spaghetti sauce I was heating got on the cover and turned it red (that annoying red from spaghetti sauce). My Safe Grabs are pink so you could see it . I was really bummed, but decided to throw it in the dishwasher. Voila!! It came out perfectly clean.

I’ve also used the Safe Grab to remove my hot soup bowl from the microwave and that worked beautifully as well.

Highly recommend!

Great Product!

These safe grabs have changed my life in the kitchen. No more burning my hand or fingers when taking anything out of the microwave!! Before cooking an item in the microwave put them in the microwave and then just roll up the rounded edges, to be able to carry the item without burning your hands or fingers and it not being awkward ti carry. After cleaning these I just leave them in the microwave until needed for the next use. I LOVE them so much!! We saw when the product was picked up on Shark Tank and I couldn’t wait for them to hit the market for sale. I bought 4 sets, 1 for our main house, 1 for our FL condo, 1 for our Daughter and 1 for my Sister. We ALL love them!!

Nice product

A very nice product!! I love mine.

Silicone microwave mats

Love them

Safe Grabs

Excellent….I’ve them… great for frozen meals… I freeze sauce and stock and the containers get super hot when I defrost in micro….

butterfly mitts

I find them a little thin and I burnt myself the first time I used them, they need to go up a little farther where the wings connect to the body.

These things are awesome!

These are on of the few things I’ve ever bought that actually works exactly as well as advertised! They keep my microwave tray clean, they make it easy to get stuff out of the microwave without burning my hands, and they work great as a non-slip placemat to protect my table.

Wish I had them sooner

I felt a little silly buying safe grabs, but I am very pleased and thinking about getting some for others.

Easy to use & clean

I have use the smaller one in my very old (30 years) small microwave. Works great! I can grac a bowl without fear of it being "too hot to handle". I highly recommend. The 2 sizes are nice.

No more burns

I got tired of grabbing a dish from the microwave and burning my hands. This really works and I’m thrilled. I keep it in my microwave so it’s always ready. I am really happy with this product.

As advertised

Works great! We started just leaving them in the oven, but we have a combination microwave and convection. Don't leave them in there when just using the oven! They get Hot!

Great idea!

Very handy to handle hot plates/bowls from the microwave.

Santa got these 4 the whole family!

I asked earlier n the day if everyone used their microwave daily. My college granddaughter’s were first 2 say yes. I knew my wife and I did and our oldest daughter and son-n-law did ad well. When they opened the packages on Christmas Day, they couldn’t wait 2 use these Safe Grabs!

Safe Grabs: Silicone Microwave & Kitchen Mats | As Seen on Shark Tank

Safe Grabs is legit!

Just bought mine a week ago.I have used it a few times.It has so many uses,but my favorite is having it under a hot plate or bowl in the microwave, and not burning my hands when I remove it.This is one of the few times I have seen a video of a product and said I HAVE TO HAVE IT!

Safe grabs Convert

Using safegrabs has kept me from burning my fingers (again) in the microwave. Love them!

These are awesome

No more spills from trying to pickup dishes that are too hot! My fingers say THANKYOU!

Quick Delivery

Great product - gave out several for Xmas gifts - well received.

Great product!

Works great! I have 2 teen boys and a husband who are constantly messing the inside of the microwave, so this is put to good use. Also great that you can take a hot dish out without burning your hands or needing to get pot holders.

Love Safe Grabs

These work great. I leave two in my microwave all the time, one large and one small. The large one protects the microwave from spills and I use the small one as a grip to lift items out of the microwave.